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May 05, 2021 2 min read

It’s truly a wonder to me how we are already approaching summertime again. Within this past year, time has moved in ways I can’t believe. Last year’s summer feels 3 days ago and 3 days ago feels like last year? If you’re anything like me, you may have not had the time to prepare yourself for the quickly approaching season. Well, I’m here to give y’all three steps to staying curvy and confident this summer!

Step one: Spend time loving yourself

Nothing is more important. Be sure to spend time between you and our Heavenly Father, loving the wonderful body He gave you. My favorite practice is allowing myself to look in the mirror;  name three things I really love about myself and thinking of ways toaccentuate these features in everyday life. Walk into this summer season with massive love for yourself and a massive ego, my beautiful sisters!

Step two: Dress yourself to match your fierce inner feelings

Reminding yourself that you’re fierce is one thing, but dressing the part is an entirely different ballgame. This summer, I challenge you to wear whatever you want. Wear colors you typically steer away from, get some new shoes, anything! Wear what makes you feel most confident and what screams YOU! Confidence is guaranteed to follow. 

Step three: Do only what makes you comfortable

With all that being said, please make sure whatever you choose to do this summer season, that you are comfortable. It is great to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself as long as you’re happy doing it! Keep that happy medium, queens. 

I have a great feeling this summer will be one for the books, full of blessings and joy. Once this pandemic completely subsides, you and your gorgeous curves deserve a top-down convertible; The Lord will be there to steer you and I’ll be in the backseat cheering you on.