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February 02, 2021 2 min read

To all my beautiful and melanated sisters,

Welcome to 2021. A year of new beginnings, an abundance of blessings, and Black women in politics. That’s right. Vice President Kamala Harris representing the smiles of millions of women, with a heavy emphasis on the91% of Black women who showed up and showed out at the polls. 

Over the years, I’ve heard discouraging comments about women and their roles in politics. It is always comments mentioning a “woman’s place” in politics due to her “uncontrollable emotions.” Because of this untrue logic, Kamala Harris holding the Vice President position may frighten some people and you know what I say? 

Let it. Let a woman’s power and God given leadership skills help us as a country drive forward into a brighter tomorrow be considered frightening. We, as women and women of color, have no choice but to rise to the occasion to remind those who doubt us that we are strong, resilient, and can do it all while dressed to the tens 9 (yup, tens. Not nines) in a monochromatic pantsuit and Converse shoes. The strength we hold, how frightening! 

Women like Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams are today’s Shirley Chisholm, one of Vice President Harris’ major inspirations; they inspire the next generation and so on. The next “Kamala Harris” may be out there right now, watching the new Vice President in her stunning monochromatic purple look, beginning the first chapter of the rest of her life. 

It’s truly such a Godsent moment to have experienced so much history in such a short amount of time. The history of our first Black/South Asian women Vice President has broken down the apparent barriers that have kept women out of the “room where it happens.” 

Now, my sisters, I say this with all love and joy: Let us move forward as a country of love. A country where no where is put down, where God’s light shines through. A country of class, respect, and lastly… monochromatic outfits.