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October 16, 2020 2 min read

Okay! Let’s talk about two of my favorite things: huge sales and Fridays. 

Yes, Queens. You know it is that time of the year! November 27th, 2020. Drumroll please!

Black Friday! 

Though just a short time from now, Black Friday is an evening that has always required excessive planning. However, 2020 has added a twist on our already over-prayed on plans. The pandemic. 

Now, how do we go about planning this Black Friday pursuit for the perfect new outfit during a global pandemic? A good question with 2 possible answers.

Quick disclaimer! If you are experiencing ANY Covid-19 symptoms, please stay home and follow the CDC protocols and know that I am praying for you! 

Online shopping

  • Online shopping has become the true winner of this berserk year. We’ve been cooped up at home with access to it the entire time. Dangerous for me and my bank account. But, I personally prefer this alternative. Safe from the insane crowds AND you don’t have to leave your home? Amen!

Also, a considerable amount of businesses like Macy’s, Torrid, CurvEssentials (did we mention that we're having a 40-50% off SALE 🤷🏽‍♀️) and more have seemed to show interest in making your Black Friday online shopping experience as safe and user friendly as possible. 

Mask up and do some research!

  • I know some of you may not have the choice to online shop or you’re a “well, I have to see it in person” kind of queen. Trust me, I understand. If this option works best for you, I highly, highly, god almighty recommend wearing a mask out there and doing some research into the businesses planned precautions. For example, I have read that Macy’s planned on doing some type of appointment service for shoppers. This research step makes sure you are prepared for whatever miscellaneous safety tactics businesses will be using.

My queens, I know that life has recently taken us around the unkind type of curves. I wrote this in hopes that I will assist any of you in SAFELY enjoying this “once-a-year” event (even though sometimes they extend through the entire weekend) and that’s what I pray for. Good curves and your safety. Until next time, curvy queens!