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July 17, 2020 2 min read


Prior to the virus, “unprecedented” had been a word that was seldom used by the media, but now is one that we simply cannot escape. In likeness with this word, we are seeing more unpacked baggage to look in the face. Between the righteous BLM movement to the usage of masks in public, we must take time for ourselves; whether that be mentally and/or physically.

In the midst of what challenges God has thrown our way the past six months, I cannot help but to ask myself:

“How do I remain connected during times of isolation?”

Being one of God’s chosen warriors, connection with others is crucial but connection with yourself is the most crucial. During isolation we are faced with our inner saboteurs and moments of self reflection; paused from the outside world. 

My Queens, I am here to provide you with five quick tips on how to remain connected with yourself and to God. 


Yup. You knew this would be at the top of the list, didn’t you? Well you are correct. Prayer is paramount in moments of uncertainty. Prayer gives us hope and allows us to put everything down and connect with our praiseworthy Father. 

2:Working Out

Listen, I get it. It’s summertime and the sun isn’t forgiving but trust me, my Queens, this one is incredibly important. Working out is scientifically proven to get those endorphins kicking and your body thanking you. You will find yourself learning your body in bountiful ways. Oh! Don’t worry, we’ll keep those curves. 

For my ladies just starting out, please do not hesitate check out my blog post'the Perfect Time to Spring Into Action' for some assistance.

3:Video Calls

Quarantine has stripped away so much of our simple human need for human interactions. Video calls are mostly preferred opposed to typical phone calls because nothing makes me feel more grateful and connected to my friends and family than seeing their beautiful, smiling faces. Connecting with your loved ones safely is essential during this isolation.

4: New Hobbies

Learning a new hobby during isolation and eventually exiting it with a new skill under your belt is absolutely ideal. We are finally provided with the time to connect with whatever catches our interest. There are two things I love about the internet; one, I get to talk to you beauties and two, we can virtually learn anything online. So get researching!

5:Get Nostalgic 

Losing sight of who we were prior to this major society shift can be difficult. Getting nostalgic is one of the greatest fixer uppers for me. Whether that’s me rewatching old shows I used to adore or connecting with old friends for a quick chat, I am reminded that the world is still moving and I am still me.

“Unprecedented.” A word heard by all and escaped by none. Though these times are unknown to us, we must remain connected. Connected with yourself, God, and our loved ones. Being sure that He has all of us while we are doing all we can to stay focused will push us through isolation and into a better tomorrow.