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May 18, 2020 2 min read

“Free time? What’s that?” 

I know. I know. Finding free time is nearly impossible but when we do actually find it, we want to take that time to unwind and let go of all our stress, even if only for an hour. 

Well, Queens, what if I said I can help you fill up that free time with something that will make you an even better version of yourself? All I ask for is thirty minutes out of your busy day.

Being made in God’s image is one of the most beautiful and comforting things. From our personalities, our way of loving one another, and also our curvy bodies. Our curves are wonderfully crafted and we should give them the attention they deserve. How? You may ask.

Simply with thirty minutes of small, easy, at home workouts are how! 

Firstly and most importantly, make sure you love yourself through and through. Protect your curves because YOU want to work on yourself. There is truly no time limit of this and zero equipment required.

Now into the more physical aspect. These workouts do not require any weights or expensive equipment. As you find yourself more adapted to these exercises, feel free to add weights (or even increase)! Here are five of my favs.


  • Stretch all muscle groups from your neck to your ankles. Get to know your body, if you haven’t done so already. Know your limits before they make themselves known through unusual soreness or even muscle tears. 

Cardio Cardio Cardio

  • With big hearts like yours, you have to consistently work on keeping it strong. Any form of cardio will suffice, truly. Jogging/walking, biking, swimming. Anything to get that wondrous heart in full force; however, be sure to not overwork yourself!

Pelvic Lift

  • To tone the Party in the Back (glutes), this exercise will do the blessing. Be sure to make these slow and controlled.


  • Still want to get that booty burn? These are sure to work to it while also toning the thighs! Feel free to make them Jumping Squats, if you feel up to the challenge.

Standing Side Crunch

  • To keep our hourglass figures just right, throwing this workout in is truly the cherry on top. With or without weights, you will feel the burn!

Now that you know five of my favorite little quick workouts, let’s get into the most interesting part. 

What to wear during these workouts? 

I am fully aware that confidence doesn’t start when you begin to see results; it could start when you are comfortably and fabulously styled. That is why we have you covered. 

Small businesses

  • Being the owner of a boutique, I want to first say that looking into the option of shopping with small businesses is always a good first step.

Looking for something a little more wide scale? Try Lululemon, Fabletics, Curveathletics, Tamelamann, or any large department store with a plus sized section!

Well, there you have it! Another contribution to keeping God’s angels busy, healthy, and curvy. In between all your grinding and praising times, remember that now is always the perfect time to spring into action.