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July 31, 2019 2 min read

The social media world has created more outlets for women to connect and interact with each other around the world, and the value of connection and community is becoming more and more significant. This evolution has helped plus size and curvy women flourish immensely by creating a community based on the value of connecting with like-minded women who generate body positivity, self- love, and support.

The benefits of having a community that is based on similar experiences presents us with the need to support one another in each other’s journey. The journey of self-discovery, self- understanding, and dealing with the scrutiny of size discrimination that society puts on us on a daily basis. When you have this support system in place, you gain the courage to accomplish the sense of self and you discover the value of helping others reach their own personal growth.

For so long the insecurities within ourselves have become so overwhelming that having a community built around that feeling initiates a sense of feeling that we are not alone. It establishes a safe haven and a support system so that no one feels isolated or ashamed of who they truly are. It also has the ability to lead to a solution to many of the social issues that we deal with on a regular basis when it comes to size discrimination
The plus size and curvy women community has turned into such a powerful force, and we have been tackling some of the biggest social issues that have truly needed to be addressed. For example, the fashion industry has had very few brands that carry sizes that are suitable for curvier individuals. That is why it is so important to me and this community to have a business like CurvEssentials. A place where plus size and curvy women can shop clothing that inspires confidence within your curves and not restraining them.
Being a part of this community provides us with the ability to grow outside of our comfort zones and to not be afraid of challenging the boundaries that society has put on us. The change that we want to see will not happen overnight, but with this empowering connection, you will never feel alone, unsupported, misunderstood or ashamed.