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September 09, 2019 4 min read

Living in a modernized time where the term ‘plus size’ is always being discussed has created quite the journey within our culture. We all know that sizeism exists, however the tone of it has certainly changed over the past few years. I believe that our culture has become more “acceptable” to people who are considered ‘curvier’ or ‘plus size’, and that is because of pop culture and the online community. As social media becomes more efficient with how we connect with one another all over the world, we have realized that we are not isolated in this journey and that we are all stronger together than we are apart. The term ‘plus size’ is becoming a powerful movement, and it is a force of body positive individuals who all want the same thing and love themselves no matter our size.

Before this movement, sizeism was a painful reminder to us ‘curvier’ women that society does not make room for us in our culture and within the fashion industry when it comes to fit, design, quality and comfort. Although many people have tainted, saturated and diluted the term ‘plus size’, I am still grateful for the empowering words that it stands for. Now we have curvier and plus size women like Lizzo, Ashley Graham, Gabriel Fresh and Danielle Brooks that are in the spotlight creating new opportunities and changing the way that we as a culture look at sizeism. It is now more acceptable in our culture to be considered ‘plus size’ or ‘curvy’ because there are now more women who are standing up and speaking out about it being okay to be that way. I believe that these women, and so many others that live a life of loving their bodies and speaking out about it, have the ability to get us to an equal compromise when it comes to society, fashion and sizeism in our culture.  

Even brands now want to work with curvier women, or so they say. The power of the word ‘plus size’ has given brands an opportunity to prove their understanding of what it means to design for a curvier woman and to be seen as more “inclusive”. Some of these brands have included us, but also have excluded us by including our sizes, but excluding us from the true essence of fashion. That is why I was so inspired to create my brand CurvEssentials. I wanted a collection that understands fashion, understands sizeism and is created for all ‘plus size’ and ‘curvy’ body types. Our culture has become more acceptable when it comes to sizeism. However, we still have a long way to go when it comes to creating a world where both parties have a mutual understanding on how we want our bodies to be represented. It was once said that “your size is not up for public debate. Whether you choose to lose, stay the same, or even gain weight it is YOUR choice. Not the Media's or Public's opinion. It's YOUR body”, and that is something that I will always stand behind.

 In order to eliminate notions towards sizeism here are five tips to dissolve it. 

Tip #1: Starts with you:

If you are a part of the ‘plus size’ community, it starts with you to advocate the importance of loving who you are and the size of your body. When you walk around with confidence and treat your body right, you will care less about what people around you think and appreciate how beautiful your body truly is. 

Tip #2: Create a Movement

If you read my first post blog post  ‘The importance of Connection in the curvy and plus size community’,you will realize that once you have established a community based on the connection of being excluded from all aspects of society, a movement is created to change the perspectives of others in the same circumstances and others who are not. Therefore, leading society to address sizeism and reconstructing the mentality of those who do not understand it. 

Tip #3: Understand, Respect & Accept the ‘plus size’ Community

When you understand that the sole purpose behind sizeism is the need for everyone to realize that people come in different shapes and sizes, and regardless of that, they are all still beautiful. When that is understood, you will accept the notion and become an advocate on spreading the word of ‘body positivity’. 

Tip#4: Brands & The fashion Industry Evolving:

By brands within fashion industry continuing to comprehend the importance of size inclusivity of all body types, the closer they will be to grasping a clear definition of what the ‘plus size’ community is all about. They will be able to create designs to accentuate curves, make society know that it is completely normal to have them and encourage body positivity.

Tip #5: Educate the future:

It is absolutely vital for the older generation to pass on and educate their children about sizeism within our culture, because they have the ability to transform us into a society where it is rectified. For example, I encourage my children every day to love their body, love who they are and to treat others with kindness and respect no matter what they look like. It’s those words and intentions that can so do many great things in our everyday life and our future.